Agentless Backup

Agentless architecture is time saving and no complications are involved in matching agent revisions with operating system levels, researching compatibility issues, and many labor-intensive tasks

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Governance and Compliance

It is must that in the multi tenancy cloud environment the data security has to be on top priority and for this MyDatasync, provided military-grade security for enterprise data.

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Mass Deployment

For enterprise level mass deployment low touch and high efficiency is provided which allows lowering operational costs and reducing human resource involvement.

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Deduplications and Compression

Across all protected sites, support is provided for local/client-side deduplication at LAN level and also for global deduplication.

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Continuous Data Protection

Continuous data protection allows data recovery back to any desired time in case of disaster by continuous monitoring and capturing every version of the data in almost real time.

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International Licensing And Capacity Based Pricing

MyDataSync not only provides the most innovative technology for enterprise level DR & Backup but also provides the simplest pricing model.

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About MyDataSync

Mydatasync, powered by Asigra, is a business continuity, managed backup and disaster recovery (DR) arm of Progressive Infotech. Mydatasync is trusted by over 50 clients with over 5000 server/endpoints & 100 TB of data under management.

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  • Panasonic India’s Selection of Cloud-Based Data Protection Speeds Data Recovery While Preventing Data Loss
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  • Cloud backup service for one the leading tobacco manufacturer in India
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  • Enterprise Backup for A Non-profit Electric Utility Company in The US
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Uday Anand
Director, Parijat Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
Sameer Shamsudeen
COO, Spice
Vikas Sachdeva
CIO, Health Care At Home
Subodh Dubey
D Venkat Rao
CIO , Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.
Sudeep Dey
GM IT, Fortis Healthcare
Anil Garg
CIO, Dabur
Leading Companies Trust MyDataSync for

Backup and Disaster Recovery

“Mydatasync(Asigra) gives me the peace of mind to know that I don’t have to worry about data loss anymore. If we have something go down then it can be re-created and we can be up and running again. There is no price that can be put on that kind of peace of mind.”

- Dheeraj Kumar
IT Head, Panasonic

“I would put my money on Mydatasync (Progressive Infotech), they stood by our function in propelling service commitment to our end users. It has been an excellent journey up till now and we look forward for more.”

- Sudeep Dey
GM IT, Fortis Healthcare

“We had evaluated many solutions based on security, scalability and cost. Mydatasync by Progressive Infotech stood out and we had a smooth implementation in a months’ time. They have got customer focus, passionate team and proactive approach towards solutioning.”

- Subodh Dubey

“The business risk of data security, data backup & DR sites are taken care by Mydatasync (Progressive Infotech), which is completely managed. Today we don’t worry about data loss.”

- Anil Garg
CIO, Dabur

“Progressive Infotech has helped us in our transformational journey viz data center management, network & security management, application services, end user management & Data backup (using Mydatasync). We could see improvement on customer experience, IT services and availability.”

- Priya Dhar
Head Application, GPI