Endpoint Device Data Protection

One of the most ignored area among enterprises has been endpoint device data protection and because of this many businesses have faced critical business problems. In absence of endpoint device data backup, users manually backup to protect their data and this lead to serious data breaches/ data loss.
Bring your own device (BYOD) raises a number of data protection concerns as the device is owned by the user not the enterprise.

With MyDataSync it is possible to have end user device backup plan with automatic encryption and backups for any device data to a centralized location. MyDataSync which is powered by Asigra provides complete secure data backup for devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones with integrated data loss prevention features.
With MyDataSync enterprises get complete control how to manage endpoint device data protection assisting businesses to have their end-user data safe and secure. Our Cloud Backup provides for all the major operating systems and platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

There are Key Features of End Point Data Protection provided by MyDataSync:

  • Automation: Enterprises can schedule automated, point-in-time backup of end user device data to a secure data center.
  • Granular backups: It provides the ability to select the frequency and granularity of backups and certain data like personal apps, folders, and data can be excluded.
  • Geo-location: The business user, with the integrated Google map feature, can visually see the location of the protected device to within a few meters.
  • Remote wipe: The protected data residing on a mobile endpoint device can be remotely wiped from the device while non-protected data like personal folders can be excluded.
  • Recover to another device: In scenario when the device has to be replaced/changed the recovery backed-up data can be ported to such device.