Securing the ever growing data within the enterprise has become challenging and complex due to high associated costs, risks, regulatory & compliances to be adhered. Overcoming these challenges requires cost effective and efficient data protection and recovery service

To achieve these benefits many enterprises are embracing cloud based Disaster Recovery as a Service to protect their data and MyDataSync plays a pivotal role in providing cloud based disaster recovery as a service, which is powered by, leading backup and recovery software platform, Asigra.

Enterprises adopting MyDataSync’s managed disaster recovery and back service has found it to be up is more manageable, flexible, reliable and cost effective in respect to in-premise solutions where it is done via tape-based and server-based recoveries.

MyDataSync services are provided using Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure, which allows on-demand DR setup in minimum turnaround time. By using On Demand DR as a service model, enterprises can get cost savings up to 70% in comparison to the traditional Disaster Recovery methods.

MyDataSync provides recovery support for any type of disaster such as

  • Server failures
  • Natural disasters
  • Security incidents
  • Datacenter failures
  • Man-made disasters


  • Deduplicated, encrypted and compressed backup is replicated to make efficient utilization of bandwidth and to overcome storage constraints.
  • Support for different hardware and platforms. For instance, the Primary site is on Microsoft platform and the DR site is on Linux platform, seamless data replication will happen.
  • One stop DR solution for all enterprise applications, databases, servers, VMs and end-user devices.
  • The solution can be customized to meet the requirements for Hot-Hot, Hot-Warm & Hot-Cold DR scenarios.