Mass Deployment

For enterprise level mass deployment low touch and high efficiency is provided which allows lowering operational costs and reducing human resource involvement.
Across enterprise systems, remote devices can be easily configured centrally with schedules, backup sets, and retention rules. Moreover by Leveraging Microsoft Active Directory IT operations can deploy and configure the backup software in silent mode with least disruption.
Mass Deployment makes backup & restoration easier to administer by:

  • Automatic installation using Microsoft’s AD and MSI files for Mobile Clients.
  • Automatic installation and configuration of backup software client based on templates and also gives flexibility to install through XML configuration files which can be generated, edited and saved for future installations.
  • It reduces administration tasks with its templates which gives opportunity to standardize and simplify administration and troubleshooting.
  • Low touch – Silent mode installation. Mobile client installation can be achieved in a silent mode or with certain set of installation parameters.