International Licensing And Capacity Based Pricing

When it comes to selecting the DR and backup-up service provider for an enterprise it gets quite confusing for the technology team to decide which service provider to select as each DR and Backup service provider has its own complex pricing model resulting higher and unpredictable cost to the business.
MyDataSync not only provides the most innovative technology for enterprise level DR & Backup but also provides the simplest pricing model. MyDataSync gives cost advantage in terms of lower cost of DR and Backup services which eventually improves the ROI of DR and Backup initiative.
MyDataSync provides with most unique and transparent pricing model giving control over the cost. For Hybrid Cloud & Application Business Continuity the pricing is based on Recovery and the End Point devices backup is charged on capacity based pricing model.
With MyDataSync businesses get benefit of cost reduction for their Hybrid Cloud & Application Business Continuity through our performance-based pricing model. As per this pricing model a recovery performance score is assigned to the business based on the number of times and GB of data successfully recovered. The recovery based pricing is calculated on the basis of the total percentage of data recovered over the period of licensing year. In a scenario when the business successfully recovers data in the first year the cost per GB of data reduces in the second year of license.
For the end point devices, like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and other modern computing devices on enterprise network, MyDataSync allows business to take backup for an unlimited number of end point devices and the pricing is calculated on the capacity based on the deduplicated and compressed storage done on cloud servers. This results in reduced pricing as our technology identifies the duplicate data and the comparison of data is done on basis of content and it hardly matters even if the files are residing on the same servers or have different names. Moreover as the data is compressed and the file size is reduced the cost of backup automatically drops.