Continuous Data Protection

Continuous data protection allows data recovery back to any desired time in case of disaster by continuous monitoring and capturing every version of the data in almost real time. Asigra powered backup solution gives unparalleled ability to user to recover saved data from different recovery point objectives.
Continuous data protection is implemented as a backup option and if required can be applied to file systems and email backup to improve recovery SLA of critical data.
Continuous data protection assures higher SLA compliances because the critical data is backed up in almost real time and is available to be recovered instantly.
Continuous data protection allows flexible Recovery Point Objectives. As soon as data is saved on hard disk it is asynchronously written to the Cloud. Continuous data protection maintains not only the latest version of protected data but also manage track of the previous versions, allowing recovery from a wide time range.
Immediate protection of critical data. If business desires to have back up data at local storage level it can be achieved and simultaneously the data is dispatched encrypted and stored in the centralized repository leading to reduction in backup window and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) to almost zero.